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Mann + Jamf: Automating Workflows: Webinar Series

Mann and Jamf hosted a three-part webinar series titled “Automating Workflows.”

The series features industry-leading companies such as Index Ventures, Vanna Health, Farmers Business Network, and more on how they faced common device management challenges. The goal of this webinar? Maximizing your business MDM investment.

The webinar hosts are:

Patrick Watkins, Channel Manager at Jamf

Isaac Ordonez, Director of Technology at Mann Consulting

Part 1: Healthcare & Compliance

The first part of our webinar series focuses on how Jamf and Mann Consulting streamline IT management in healthcare settings.

Jeremy Bauer (CSO & CIO of Vanna Health) and Zack Still (CIO/CSO of Brightline) shared their experiences implementing compliance controls and the benefits of MDM automation. Key points included the importance of vulnerability management, seamless laptop deployments, and the use of automated policies to reduce manual processes. The discussion highlighted how these strategies lead to operational efficiency, compliance, and reduced risk. They also shared practical tips for integrating automation into their workflows, ensuring compliance with frameworks like HIPAA, and maintaining high-security standards without burdening IT teams. The session underscored the value of automated reporting via Mann Report Card and the role of cultural change in fostering a security-focused environment.

You can watch the full webinar here.

Part 2: Venture Capital Patch Management

Part two of the "Automating Workflows" webinar series focused on the critical importance of patch management in maintaining security and efficiency. 

Joining Isaac and Patrick was Avron Marcus from Index Ventures, who highlighted the importance of updating all applications, including less obvious ones like GarageBand, to prevent vulnerabilities. The panelists discussed strategies for minimizing user disruption during updates, such as scheduling updates for non-peak times and enabling silent background updates. The main conclusion is that automation and seamless patching significantly enhance security without compromising productivity. All panelists agreed on the importance of proving the effectiveness of patch management by tracking update success and ensuring minimal disruption to end users. A well-implemented patch management strategy reduces security risks and creates a more efficient and secure work environment.

You can watch the full webinar here.

Part 3: Day-to-Day IT Management

In the third part of the "Automating Workflows" webinar series, Patrick Watkins from Jamf and Isaac Ordonez from Mann Consulting were joined by Ryan Hutchinson from Farmers Business Network to discuss day-to-day IT management. They emphasized the importance of streamlining device management to enhance user experience and productivity. Ryan shared how pre-configured devices for new employees reduce IT workload and boost efficiency. Isaac highlighted Mann Consulting's automation solutions, focusing on deploying and managing software updates and configurations. The bottom line was that automating routine tasks and providing clear workflows improve security, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

You can watch the full webinar here.

The Takeaway

Automation is a game-changer for IT management. From healthcare compliance to patch management and day-to-day device management, automation significantly boosts security, efficiency, and user satisfaction. By automating routine tasks, ensuring timely updates, and providing clear workflows, organizations can streamline operations, reduce IT workload, and enhance the overall user experience. If you want to maximize your MDM investment, integrating these automation strategies into your IT processes is the way to go. It's all about making life easier for both IT teams and end-users while maintaining high-security standards.

Curious about how automation can benefit your organization? Schedule a free consultation with us to explore solutions on how automation can improve your workflows for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and security in your IT management.


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