Mann is a San Francisco-based technology consulting firm, in business since 1991. Privately-held and family-owned, we support thousands of small business professionals throughout the SF Bay Area with a group of talented, certified, kind and very patient people.



We're not this handsome.

Named one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the SF Bay Area two years in a row, we're busy ensuring your internet connection stays up when there are outages. We restore data from cloud backups so that a damaged or stolen laptop doesn't mean prolonged downtime. We build checklists to onboard or offboard your hires quickly and efficiently. We set up voice queues for sales and support teams. We secure your devices from threats and help your employees with a team of certified experts.

We're not a temp firm or staffing agency. Our consultants are full-time, salaried professionals on our payroll. We handle their benefits, training, management, performance reviews. We have no salespeople and no commissions. Without a conflict of interest, they only recommend what's best for your office.


Our team is comprised of professionals from education, startups, non-profits, agencies, retail and more. We're a small business just like yours, so we know the importance of fast, accurate and informed responses. Because we help so many people each week, we solve issues in a fraction of the time required by a smaller firms.





Some clients ask for only a few hours. Others schedule daily appointments. From start-ups to established firms moving into larger offices, Mann has the experience and solutions trusted by hundreds of companies for over 25 years. 




We support over 300 companies every year. From two-person offices to over 1,500 employees. All of them expect and deserve the same thing: professional service from competent, kind people.  Here are a few of the companies who trust us to keep them running securely:






Mann Consulting, LLC

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San Francisco, CA 94105

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