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You're already paying for expensive resources: employees, benefits, rent, technology including laptops, routers, phones and internet service.


Whether you're paying the right amount for each of those is another question. A good consultant will give you advice on areas where you may be spending too much (or too little) or aren't taking advantage of your technology investment.


A good consultant will help you prevent making big mistakes. If you focus on results and investing in your business, then you can afford a consulting firm.


If you're wanting to know hourly rates before asking "what value is this firm providing me," you might not be ready to benefit from working with a consultant. If we solve something in 15 minutes and it takes another IT person an hour, our rate could be three times as much as the other firm and you'd still save money. (our rate is likely not higher, it's often lower)


Still unsure? Ask us for a reference that matches either your industry and/or company size.   

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