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If we have so many customers, how can we deliver prompt and reliable, consistent support? Will small clients have a different experience than larger ones?


You should have a great experience with our service, regardless of size.


We like to think of ourselves as a great restaurant: if you're dining just as one or two people, or a group of people in a back room, we want you to have an excellent experience. 


Just like a popular restaurant, if you commit to an appointment, we'll hold a spot for you. Or if you don't reserve a spot and want last minute service, we'll give you the first opening, but there may be a wait. And if you're a "regular", then we'll try to get you your favorite table & waiter each time. 

Here's how to ensure you get a great result from Mann:


  • Reserve an appointment early, don't wait until the last minute. 

  • If you know you're hiring (or firing) someone in the next few days, call us now to schedule the time. Those appointments require advance notice and planning.

  • Get a monthly plan - you get the highest discount and the highest priority scheduling.

  • Pay your invoice promptly

  • Give your account manager feedback at any time. We want to hear if you're pleased, and if you're not.

  • If you ever feel like you're not getting treated like a valued, important customer, tell us.  



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