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An in-house IT employee is a luxury for many businesses. It's rare to need 40 hours of support every single week. Your actual needs fluctuate throughout the year. Most of the time you should be in maintenance mode, with periodic upgrades and projects. Outsourced IT enables you to flex your spending without having to keep a full-time person "busy". 


If you already have a tech person, you'll benefit from Mann in these areas:


  • We're a great safety net. If your person leaves abruptly, or you're contemplating ending the position, get us in there for continuity.

  • The "kingdom" syndrome: the in-house person's attitude might have become toxic. They may have alienated your employees and lost their motivation. Even one meeting with us can result in a remarkable attitude adjustment.

  • We give you a second opinion on technology spending. We'll tell you if it's a must-do or not.

  • We're probably a more economical solution. Remember to add in all those hidden costs like benefits, supervising, desk space, vacation, bonuses. 

  • Your in-house person is inside just one company each week. We're in hundreds of offices a year, seeing what is and isn't working, knowing about bugs and compatibility issues before you have to find out the hard way. Use us to provide guidance on your technology spending.

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