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Mann’s Jamf Maintenance is a collection of workflows that provide you with all the Jamf building blocks necessary for nearly any sized company.  These include macOS updates, macOS upgrades, common app installation patching and more.

Base Workflows

Mann provides a base set of workflows that every organization needs to successfully manage their devices

Application Patching

Application Patching

Application patching is the cornerstone of any IT policy.  Properly patched applications are more secure, stable and provide your employees with features that make them more productive.  

Mann’s application patching workflows take into account both the needs of IT and combine them with the ease of use Employees need to avoid disruptions.  We take care in details when stopping someone’s work to update an application. Our library patches dozens of popular applications.




  • Critical Updates - Require employees immediately patch applications with known Critical vulnerabilities. (benefit: we do it automatically for you)

  • Deferrals - Provide employees with deferrals needed to perform the update when they’re free while enforcing updates after a period of time.

  • Silent updates - Silent updates in the background if the application isn’t running and no employee interaction is needed.

  • Employee Focused Experience - Graphical interface providing progress of the update if the employee was interrupted, including a download and installation progress bar.  We’ll even reopen the application when done. (people don’t get annoyed at updates) 

  • Network Quality Check - Check network quality before performing an update, if network quality isn’t suitable try again later.  Nothing is worse than being forced to install a 900MB update on airplane Wi-Fi… (i.e. we won’t run this if you’re on Airplane wifi)

  • Complete Installation - Automatically install any helper tools or postinstall actions that typically require additional employee input. (example: after Docker, we do the auto-install after app setup)

  • Video Call Detection - For video conferencing apps detect if the employee is on a call without bothering them if they are. (we won’t update Zoom if you’re on a call)

macOS Upgrades

macOS Upgrades


Enforcing OS security updates and major upgrade releases should be top of the list for every organization. Not only does this allow you to meet compliance requirements but also provides your staff with a more stable and secure computer.  Mann’s workflows provide the following features to ensure that your systems are properly patched.


We ensure that your computers are properly enforcing updates while still allowing your employees to work.

Zero Touch

Zero Touch Mac Deployment

Setting up a Mac for the first time while providing zero touch requires a number of moving parts.  Quickly make your new machine workflow Zero Touch ready so you can hand laptops to employees in the box. You can use this workflow to install any of our over 50 applications ready to install.



  • Sleep until the employee is actually logged into the system.

  • Create persistence so that system reboots or power loss won’t cause the deployment process to fail.

  • Provide graphical feedback of download times for applications.

  • Automatically install over 50 applications.

  • Install dock items.

  • Install helper tools or post install applications.

  • Tested configuration profiles for PPPC, System Extensions and necessary settings.

Self Service

Self Service - Rich and Beautiful

Our workflows automatically include everything you need to provide your employees with a professional looking self service experience, complete with icons and descriptions.

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