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Test now before they get testy

Updated: Jun 5

A key on a keyboard that says "Testing"

The more reliable our technology gets, the more we trust it. When’s the last time you read the wording on an on-line form asking if you agree to terms and conditions? We trust that what is about to happen is going to work. Things don’t always work. Rather than finding out later when you’re away from someone who can help, test it now. Test printing

Test sending and receiving

Test WiFi, test wired

Test if “undo” works

Test if the signature is correct on email

Test if people who SHOULDN’T have access can’t view things

Test to make sure people who SHOULD see things can do so

Test VPN, test saved logins, 2-factor authentication. Test if your recovery key is saved to a secure location. Test if your security questions were recorded correctly. If you’re an IT pro, this is going to be harder: they don’t want you to test it. They just want the device and to move on with their day. REQUIRE that they test it with you. Computer professionals routinely cave on this topic, opting to let clients “try it and let us know” and then are bewildered that the customer gets angry later because it “never worked right”. It’s better to know up front if there is a problem. This takes more time, but saves considerably more in the long run.


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