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Silence is worse than complaining

The client that is complaining is not the worst thing. It’s the client that’s not complaining and just planning to leave that’s much worse for your business.

UGH that customer is such a pain, all they do is complain!

Businesses spend millions of dollars a year to acquire customer feedback. They include incentives, gift cards, discounts, anything so that you will just tell them how they’re doing. Look at any fast food receipt, they’ll probably give you something just for giving them an indication of your satisfaction. They accept the lowest response rates just to get an insight into how customers feel about their products or service.

Before you complain about how annoying your customer’s comments are, think about the alternative. If they’re unhappy and not telling you, how will you save that client relationship? How will you know where you’ve let them down, or confused them, or overcharged, or otherwise mishandled things?

An upset customer isn’t an enjoyable thing to experience, but hearing nothing is worse. It’s a silent killer, hurting your business in ways you won’t know until it’s too late.

Encourage feedback, even negative comments. Especially negative comments. Hear it from them before their friends do. By listening and reacting to the feedback, you have one of the best, most inexpensive and critically important ways to improve your business.

Thank the complaining customer: they are giving you a gift. For more, read books like this: A Complaint is a Gift.


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