Re-opening your Office

Updated: Aug 31

The world stops. The world starts up again. What’s the impact when your employees begin their return to your office?

Here are some tips from an IT perspective:

  • SURVEY your group: You and your team were likely surprised by how WELL some things worked when everyone was working remotely. Capture what worked well by surveying your team. Get a quick Google Form sent out so you can find the good and the bad from the work-from-home experiment. 

  • REFRESH your passwords. If you’re not using a password manager, now is a critical time to start. With more people working remotely, you have less control over the security of your employees’ networks. A password manager will reduce the exposure if one of your passwords gets compromised, because every single web site will be able to have a unique password. The only way to manage this is using a tool like 1Password or LastPass (there are others on the market, those two are good for team use) - for more info go to

  • STANDS for your employee work-from-home laptops will help increase their professionalism during Zoom and other video conferences. Here’s a popular one from Amazon

  • THROW out one thing you found you didn’t need the entire time you were out of the office. Clutter adds to stress in the workplace.

  • SPACE out your desks to provide more distance at work. Read about hoteling - it may be a good alternative to one-desk-per-person.

  • CALM - Consider reimbursing your team for an app that will improve their wellness, especially if they are resuming any sort of commute. Commute post-pandemic is even more stressful, you can get ahead of this with a very small monthly reimbursement. The Calm App has gotten great reviews.

  • SPEND: Some businesses didn’t survive the shutdown. You’ll see many companies selling furniture, computers, and subleasing office space. Now is a good time to consider barter, Craigslist sales, or buying inexpensive equipment to help conserve your dollars. 

  • TOSS that yogurt in the back of the office fridge.