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Is your email slow? Here's why.

Updated: May 15

A Microsoft Office Outlook loading screen

Here’s why your email might be so slow.

  • You don’t file or archive any messages, i.e. you have thousands of messages in your inbox.

  • You don’t use any filters to automatically move messages that are old or irrelevant.

  • You don’t use webmail. Instead, you insist on your old favorite application, whether it's Outlook, Apple Mail or another application.

  • You don’t use a paid email provider.

  • You insist on storing all your mail locally on your computer instead of downloading only what you actually need to see.

  • You aren’t asking a professional “why don’t you have the same problems I do with email?"

It doesn’t have to be so bad. You use email every single day but how often have you really worked to improve it, not just chip away at the onslaught of incoming messages? Adjust your expectations and ask a pro how they avoid it. Pros get hundreds of emails a day and still manage to have an empty inbox. Here are some old tips that work great: Email accumulates like a fast-growing weed and needs regular pruning (archiving) and pesticides (spam-filters). With regular attention and investment in tools for auto-replies, return-later, and short, simple messaging, you need not suffer. You’re going to spend hours on email, why not make it more bearable?

If you’re a power user and want to really supercharge your email performance, and are willing to pay for the convenience of a premium tool, check out


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