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Mann Consulting - 282 Second Street, #400 - San Francisco, CA - 94105 - (415) 546-6266 info@mann.com

CALERA STOPPED WORKING WITH US: When Calera called Mann, they knew they were on pace to hire an in-house resource right away. But they needed an experienced team of people to get them up and running quickly.
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GOT ATTITUDE FROM YOUR IT DUDE: They feel the work is beneath them. They want to do cool projects. But you just need help, without fuss or having to make sure you get them on a good day.
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WHY TECH PEOPLE DONT LIKE CLOUDS: The more technical equipment you own, the more money IT firms make. That's long been a little "secret" about the business. But if you're a normal small business. you might not need a bunch of equipment in your server room. <
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