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Whether your team is working from home, at a café, in your corporate office or a co-working space, you're on your company network at all times. 

If you're moving, your office will need to be wired for myriad types of connections (video, audio, high speed data, backup, storage area

networks.) Your firewall will need to permit specific and secure access to your services including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Your network will need to be locked down for corporate data access, and restrictive with guest access, with redundant internet connections to avoid a stray fiber cut knocking your entire team offline.

Your wireless access points need strategic placement using heat maps as they'll be bombarded with connections from every laptop, tablet and smartphone in their vicinity.  

Mann provides all these services. From office moves to network design, implementation and monitoring. We've done it for office buildings, schools, hotels, public spaces, and we do it for hundreds of small business networks. 

If you're looking to move, set up a new office, or if you're just tired of your employees complaining about WiFi, give us a call. 

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