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The Differences between Cisco Meraki’s MX Series, MR Series, and MS Series

The Differences between Cisco Meraki’s MX Series, MR Series, and MS Series

Cisco Meraki develops robust yet simple cloud-managed wireless solutions. These Meraki MS unique features and solutions have wireless health and location analytics features to enhance business intelligence. 

Network admins can leverage analytics and powerful tools to ensure enhanced security. 


Network troubleshooting is easy, providing the optimum end-user experience. 

Cisco Meraki’s MX Series, MR Series, and MS Series are business IT solutions but have different uses. Let's explore the main differences and features to help you choose the right fit for your business. 


The Cisco Meraki MX Series

The Cisco Meraki MX series is most suitable for small branch networks with a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution.


The MX is entirely cloud-managed, allowing remote system management, configuration, and installation. It eliminates the need for multiple appliances through an elaborate suite of network services.


The Cisco Meraki MX Firewall is a Software-Defined WAN and Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution. Every model offers application management and identity-based security policies. It also has intelligent WAN with 4G failover and multiple WAN uplinks.


Unlike most competing products, Cisco Meraki MX appliances don’t come with SSL decryption or email scanning for HTTP.


The best part is that Cisco allows prospective customers to use Cisco Meraki MX units on their networks during a free trial. Our experts have extensive experience with Cisco Meraki San Francisco. We are ready to guide you with integration and installation. 


Cisco Meraki MX Features

Meraki’s cloud-based centralized management suite allows network admins a detailed view of Meraki switches, wireless access points, and appliances. 


The main features include:

  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) with optional Threat Grid integration

  • Simple management through the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

  • Geo-based firewall rules

  • Automatic Firmware upgrades

  • Meraki MX firmware release notes

  • Client VPN endpoint

  • Content Filtering

  • Web Search Filtering

  • WAN Link Balancing

  • Static Routing

  • Configurable DHCP/ VLANs support

  • Automatic WAN Failover

  • IDS/IPS protection 

  • Custom Traffic Shaping

  • Active Directory integration

  • L3/L7 Stateful Firewall

  • Meraki advanced security license

  • Meraki enterprise license option

Cisco Meraki MR Features

Meraki MR wireless access points have cutting-edge features such as:

  • Advanced security to prevent ransomware, malware, and C2 callbacks 

  • Self-configuring plug-and-play deployment

  • Integrated intrusion detection and prevention system (WIDS/WIPS)

  • Wi-Fi personal network (WPN) for shared networks

  • Intelligent firmware upgrades 

  • Self-healing, zero-configuration mesh

  • Advanced application visibility 

  • AI/ML-powered analytics for Wi-Fi troubleshooting and root cause analysis

  • Text message and email alerts 

  • IPv6 compatible, FIPS-140-2 compliant, WFA-certified Aps

  • Role-based administration  

  • Flexible group policy


The Cisco Meraki MR Series

The Cisco Meraki MR series includes cloud-managed WLAN access points that thrive on the Cisco Meraki cloud. They ensure intuitive centralized management while cutting costs and simplifying on-site wireless controllers.


The MR access points offer reliable coverage that demanding business applications require through:

  • Advanced Wi-Fi 6 technologies

  • Beamforming

  • Channel bonding



The Meraki MR series comes with advanced software features and high-performance hardware. These features are suitable for high-demand environments as they enhance reliability and scalability.

The Cisco Meraki MS Series

The Cisco Meraki MS consists of cloud-managed aggregation and access switches. They leverage the benefits of centralized management with a robust and reliable access platform.

Cloud management allows instant monitoring and configuration via the web. It’s easy to manage distributed networks and deploy network-wide configuration changes. You can also provision remote sites with elaborate training or a dedicated IT team.


Every Meraki MS cloud-managed switch has automatic monitoring from the cloud. This includes continuous testing for WAN connectivity, cable failures, and other aspects.

The innovative web-based diagnostics allow network troubleshooting from any web browser. Cisco Meraki MS Series switches are easily deployable to help accommodate rising network demands.


They are robust, efficient, reliable, and designed for dynamic business environments. 


Cisco Meraki MS Features

The Meraki MS Series has in-built monitoring, alerting, and multi-site management alerting tools. Network admins receive notifications in case of configuration changes and downtime.


The outstanding features include:

  • Energy efficient design with fanless and low acoustics options

  • GbE, 10 GbE, and 40 GbE uplink ports to ensure high-speed connectivity 

  • Shallow rack depth options 

  • Optional Multigigabit ports with up to 10Gbps enhanced Wi-Fi performance

  • Power over Ethernet and PoE+

  • Six dedicated QoS queues for high-performance

  • Hot-swappable and field-replaceable fans and power supplies

  • RPS option for mission-critical applications

  • Lifetime hardware warranty

  • Advanced replacement at no extra cost

  • Integrated troubleshooting, logging, and alerts tools

  • Role-based administration

  • Flexible stacking 

Generally, all Meraki products have a similar licensing model. All wireless access points (MR series) have the same license as all hardware models. The security appliance line (MX series) and switches (MS series) have varying permits. 


The MR Access Points use a wireless AP license that applies to all access points. The MS Switches have non-transferable permits for every switch model. 


The MX has various license editions, including the Enterprise and Advanced License Security Editions. Every hardware model requires a different license. For instance, all MR access points can use the 1-year enterprise MR license (LIC-ENT-1YR). 


The MS220-24 model can use the 1-year enterprise MS220-24 license, while the MX64 can use the 1-year enterprise MX64 license. All Meraki products leverage the Meraki cloud to ensure centralized control and management. Meraki Cloud licensing is available on an annual and device basis, and each requires a license to operate.


The licensing options vary between products but they all feature:

  • 24/7 Cisco Meraki Support

  • Regular Security and Firmware Upgrades

  • Lifetime hardware warranty

  • Advanced overnight replacement at no extra cost

We understand it can be challenging to differentiate the licenses and products. Our experienced team will answer your questions and assist you in acquiring the best Cisco Meraki San Francisco product for your particular needs. 



Cisco Meraki offers simple network-as-a-service management solutions that enhance network management. The visibility gives insights into the network, switches, and access points.


All Meraki products have robust and innovative in-built tools you can access via the centralized dashboard. You can count on reliable pre-built security capabilities seamlessly integrating with your system.


Meraki products are cost-effective and scalable, making them suitable for any growing business. If you’re unsure of the most suitable product for your business, our experts will guide you along the entire process. Get started with us today and enjoy enhanced security and more efficient business processes.

Cisco Meraki License Details

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