Because we're already managing thousands of devices for hundreds of companies, Mann is often aware of threats and vulnerabilities to your organization before you'll hear of them.

Our JAMF experts build scripts and packages to not only protect your devices, but upgrade them properly after certification and testing. If you're in-house IT, you don't have to sit and manually do this work: we've probably already done it.

If your employees modify critical security settings, our monthly reports will show you who is or isn't compliant, a critical ingredient for your own audits (SOC2, PCI, HIPAA), customer requirements and new business RFP's. 

We also issue zero-day remediation for subscribed devices during your support term and monitor expirations and license counts.

  • Enrollment Campaign (PreStage and Email)

  • SAML provider configuration

  • Configure Apple Push Notifications

  • Configure Apple Volume Purchase Program 

  • Configure Apple Device Enrollment Program

  • FileVault 2 enforcement

  • Deployment Workflow for up to 10 custom apps

  • WiFi Profile to devices

No walking around and asking. Dashboards tell you immediately who isn't compliant.

  • Password policy

  • Automatic install: Chrome, Sophos, Office, Zoom

  • Base security policy with customizations using Apple’s built in controls.

  • Setup patch reporting

  • Base Smart Group creation

  • Computer Maintenance workflow in Self Service

  • Custom Branding Self Service