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There's much to consider when re-envisioning your office space, regardless of whether you're growing, shrinking, going virtual, or taking on subtenants. Here are key considerations when choosing your strategy.

Regardless of what kind of office changes you make, evaluate your investments in these services. If your team isn’t physically together, these tools can make a huge difference:

  • Video conferencing: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams

  • Email and Documents: Google Workspace, Microsoft 365

  • Chat tools:  Slack,  Microsoft Teams

  • Voice: RingCentral, Sangoma, Zoom, Dialpad

  • Remote access: Teamviewer, LogMeIn, screen share, VPN 

  • Electronic document signatures: Docusign, EchoSign

  • Document sharing: Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox

  • Password management: 1Password, LastPass

  • Single-Sign-On: Okta, OneLogin, Duo

  • Device Management: Jamf, Addigy, Workspace One



  • full collaboration with all stakeholders (weekly meetings)

  • research appropriate service providers

  • management and planning for cabling

  • review security and access needs

  • add new office locations

  • add network capacity

  • automate device procurement, enrollment and configuration



  • transfer your existing services to the new tenant

  • sell your excess Macs and PCs online

  • e-waste old, unused equipment

  • prepare new space for wifi and internet access

  • move premise gear (servers, premise phones, network storage) to the cloud, or to new space

Non IT-related 

  • alarm / janitorial / air conditioning / filtered water

  • subscription services like coffee, bottled water



Sell / leave networking equipment for next tenant

  • remove, dismantle the equipment, take it with you

  • sell / donate / e-waste unused gear

  • decommission and unregister devices 


Service agreements​

  • internet services (early termination fee clauses - can sometimes be waived or invalid if  moving to a location where provider does not offer service)

  • licensing for products that may no longer be used (network equipment, server maintenance agreements


Non IT-related items

  • alarm / janitorial / air conditioning / filtered water

  • subscription services like coffee, bottled water



  • partition your network for multiple tenants

  • segregating network traffic

  • offer internet access as part of the sublease

  • sell/donate/recycle your excess Macs and PCs online

  • add video cameras to enhance security for your suite

  • add IP addresses to your internet service if needed

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