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Your boss wants you to think “LAZY”

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Not BE lazy. But act as though you’re lazy. Got a repetitive or mundane task? A lazy person would complain about it, or fuss. Your boss may actually want you to complain about it.

If you identify something that’s cumbersome, you may be able to figure out a way to improve it. If you just do as you’re told (or trained), you may never have the inclination to change the status quo.

You: This process is really cumbersome. I have to print out an extra copy every time and file it. Boss: Why? You: I was trained to do it, I think it’s in case we need to find it later. Boss: Have you ever had to find it later? You: No. Boss: How can we make it less cumbersome? You: I could just put a PDF of it in a Dropbox folder and we can find it later if we need to. Boss: Will that save time? You: Heck yes, and paper, too. Boss: Do it. Good idea. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. You: [smiles]

A lazy person doesn’t want to do any extra steps. Taking that sentiment and turning it into changing procedures to remove steps can create a win-win situation: the lazy person does fewer steps, and your company is more efficient as a result.

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