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We know you CAN, but will you?

A person writing a checklist on a notebook

I can do that for you. I can call the customer if you want. I can upgrade that if you think it’s necessary.

If you like using the phrase “I can” then you’re only doing HALF THE WORK.

I know you’re trying to be helpful. Saying “I can” is not really helpful, though, because it’s unclear. I don’t know if that means you will or just if you are offering to do something. Or if you’re just letting me know you’re capable  of doing so.

So which is it?

I’m qualified to upgrade that. I’d like to do that if you agree. I’m going to do that unless I hear otherwise.

If you aren’t clear, you’re making MORE work for everyone. The recipient has to either assume, right or wrong, what you intended. If they are experienced enough to not assume, then they have to now

1) read your note 2) write a response clarifying your intent 3) wait for your reply, delete your original email 4) you read it 5) you write a response back 6) they receive, read and delete your response email

All because of a 3 letter word. People can do many things. What they ARE going to do is much more significant. Be specific.


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