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Use formatting to easily scan your progress

If you're using checklists of any kind, chances are they have a number of steps with different dates and times that things will be completed.

Keeping track of your progress can be a tedious process if you have to keep checking which lines are or are not completed. If you use built-in tools like conditional formatting and formulas in your checklists, your processing can be dramatically simplified.

In Google Sheets use this style of formula:

The "COUNTA" function finds any entries that have something in them, and the ROWS function counts the total number of rows in the range. So if you have 10 entries in 20 rows, that 10/20 will be .5 or 50%, depending on how you format the cell.

Once you have your cell formula for the range of checklist items, just add some conditional formatting to them based on their value:

Google Sheets will automatically color the cells based on whatever criteria you choose. Conditional formatting does the work so as long as you're not colorblind, just look for green across the top of your checklists.

That's how you'll know if you're current. You don't even need to read the numbers as long as green indicates 100% complete.

Let the colors and the formulas keep track of progress - this will make it simple to scan and review which items need attention.

More info here: Google Support

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