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Turn up the volume and stay silent

Updated: May 15

The 2017 (4th Generation) model of the Apple TV 4K with remote

If you're working from home, you might have people in the household on different schedules. Some might be trying to do homework, while others are trying to binge their favorite shows. Unless everyone has headphones on, this can create some volume issues: the people without headphones want quiet, and the people who want to hear music or TV need to wear headphones.

If you want to watch TV in your home and others need quiet, here's a great recipe:

- add one Apple TV

- add one (or two) sets of AirPods Pro

Step 1) Press and HOLD the home button (to the right of the MENU button)

Step 2) SCROLL down to the bottom where it shows the current audio output

Step 3) Change it to your AirPods (if they don't show up, make sure they are paired with the TV)

Power tip # 1: share one ear bud with a friend if you're watching together

Power tip # 2: 4K Apple TV's support MULTIPLE AirPods

Power tip # 3: squeeze an AirPod to pause the TV playback. If you have kids in the house you'll use this feature a ton.

Here are a few articles that describes more of the steps in detail:


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