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There’s a problem with your best client

Your best client. You know, the one that’s kind, polite, patient, appreciative, punctual, generous, understanding, and empathetic.

You love seeing them. You ask yourself (and your coworkers) why everyone can’t be like them.

Then it dawns on you. They’re the exception. So if you believe all clients should act like them, you’re going to be disappointed.

If you think that it’s ok to be a few minutes late to every client because your best client doesn’t mind, then you’re going to irritate customers.If you think it’s reasonable for your client to give you a holiday gift card or even gift basket, you’re going to be disappointed by the other 95% of your clients.

The best clients are, in a way, the worst clients. They give you a false sense of comfort, of ease, of your ability, of your good will account balance.

Don’t get rid of them. They get you through the rough patches. Don’t get rid of all of the other clients (unless you have a trust fund). But don’t get used to it. Enjoy it for what it is: an oasis in a world that’s otherwise too busy, rushed, attention-deficit, etc. to invest in a great relationship.

And for all you great clients out there: keep up the good work. The professional service industry loves you. We will go above and beyond for you. You never know when you’ll need us, but we know that no matter when it is, we’re THERE for you.

Thanks for the gift basket, too. It was scrumptious.

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