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The sound of crickets

Updated: May 15

A brown cricket standing on top of a rock, facing the right side of the screen

While you’re working behind the scenes making things perfect for your network, your customer may be hearing nothing. Things should not be so quiet that they can hear crickets.

You’re so busy working on getting them an answer, you can’t hear what they are thinking. They may be either:

a) relaxing and trusting that you’re doing everything just fine

b) unsure of what’s happening

c) concerned nothing is happening

d) looking for another vendor

e) worrying

You might have the type of client relationship where (A) is the default behavior. But what if you don’t? Here’s an easy fix: TALK WITH THEM.

I have no update for you, but I haven’t forgotten you. We’re still working on it. We haven’t heard back from a key person, but we’re waiting. And we’ll check back with them. I won’t have any solid update for you until _____ (date in the future)

Silence is golden if you have a newborn at home (until you read about SIDS and then it’s terrifying) – but silence in the IT world usually creates more anxiety than it alleviates.

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