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The BEST email application

A person using their Macbook laptop, a cup and saucer of tea beside them

The best email application for you is web mail. Yes. Web mail. It’s not the same webmail that you used a few years ago.


It’s really fast. Many, many computers behind the scenes are making it run super quickly, as opposed to your single computer when you use a mail desktop application.

You can use keyboard shortcuts. If you feel that webmail is “slower” for power users, you’re probably wrong.

It doesn’t bog down as easily.

It saves your drafts as you go, so you’ll actually lose less data as opposed to your computer crashing while you’re writing a long message.

It won’t slow your computer as much. This is extremely important!

You can lose your device and not lose any of your archived mail.

You can search ALL your mail without it needing indexing your hard drive.

There are fewer culprits with delivery delays.

It’s a consistent experience across a variety different computers.

It’s not subject to theft or loss – you just use it from whatever computer you need.

Are there downsides? Sure. But the upsides outweigh them.

You can still get to your files. You can selectively sync folders in many cases.

Many IT pros use webmail. They know the trade-offs. Outlook is great, but it’s a VERY heavy and cumbersome application.

If you don’t think webmail is “good” for you, ask a professional first. Don’t assume you know. You may find that webmail is way, way more usable than you previously believed.

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