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System Update? Here's your first step

New version just announced. New features, how exciting! What's the very first thing you should do?

Read about the features?

Back up your computer?


The first thing you should do is wait.

Unless it's a "this patches a critical security hole" type of update, the very best thing you can do when a company releases new system software is to wait.

There are millions of people using systems with different configurations and unique combinations of hardware and software. Software updates are tested against the most common issues and configurations but sometimes reveal issues that people have. In rare cases, publishers need to "pull" the update from public release because of problems.

Software typically has bugs, so think of software updates as sometimes issuing vaccines for those bugs. The problem is that some software updates, like vaccines, can have adverse reactions, even as significant as causing data loss or even "bricking" (ruining) hardware devices because of faulty or unexpected behavior.

The fix? TIME. Let people upgrade before you. Wait a few days or even weeks. Only after you've scanned for any known or major issues should you update. This is such an easy thing to do, but so many people jump on the latest releases, excited about new features but not realizing that they're adding risk by not letting others do the "real world" testing for them.


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