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Is your job secure?

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Afraid about technology rendering your job obsolete?

Here’s a fix: be able (you have to be certain of it!) to say one of these 3 phrases for nearly permanent employment.

1) I make my company money

2) I save my company money

3) I both make money and save money for my company.

If you can’t definitively say one of these statements, your job is at risk. If you choose “save my company money” make sure that the amount you save them is higher than your salary.

If you make your company more than they pay you, or save them more than they pay you, why would they ever want to mess with a good thing? If there is an app or a service that’s going to do what you do at a fraction of the cost, then it’s time to find a skill or craft that enables you to say one of those 3 statements.

Tip: there are tech companies in the U.S. that are desperate for talent.

Except for salespeople, many may find it hard to quantify what they make or save their employer. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If you aren’t measuring it, your company may not be either. And if there is a downturn, the first positions they will consider expendable are ones that aren’t directly tied to revenue or to saving money.

Pick which statement you want to be able to claim, and create the necessary measurement and results so that you can share it without hesitation.


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