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Gmail shortcuts - learn them - PART 2

Getting around Gmail on a keyboard is extremely easy once you learn a few keystrokes.

Jumping from your inbox to other views (they aren't really "folders" in the old sense, more like tags or labeled messages) is a very common need. To GO somewhere, just remember the "G" key. Then learn these combinations:


g then i :Go to Inbox

g then s :Go to Starred conversations

g then b :Go to Snoozed conversations

g then t :Go to Sent messages

g then d :Go to Drafts

g then a :Go to All mail

g then c :Go to Contacts

g then l :Go to Label

g then k :Go to Tasks

g then f :Go to search filters

If you're navigating or managing your mail with a mouse or tapping on a tablet, you're likely spending way more time than you need to. Remember, this isn't a "every once and a while" feature. This is something you'll use every day, all the time.

Learn the jumping shortcuts and you'll find you get around your mail super easy and fast. Remember, this is all best done in web mail , not in your computer's local Mail application. You'll find the performance extremely fast if you do it this way.


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