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Don't write, record instead

Documentation is a design failure. If you have to document a process, by definition the process is probably not intuitive. A speed bump in the road doesn't need documentation. If you ignore it, your tires will certainly feel the effects, maybe even blow out. Next time you see it, you'll know what to do: slow down.

Business processes aren't as simple. First do this, then do this, and depending on that, that, or that do one of the following three next steps. It's complicated, there are exceptions and conditions. People get STUCK writing documentation. A simple process can take an HOUR to create written documentation.

If you need to record a 3 minute process, record your screen and just talk as you're doing it. It will take around 3 minutes to record it. Doing the same process as written documentation, with screen shots and descriptions, will easily take 10 times as long to complete.

Just record your screen and put the video file somewhere that's easily referenced or accessible. Keep track of your file URL's and use text expanders or shortcuts to make them available to coworkers or customers.

Do you use Slack? Try a slackbot custom response that automatically reminds your staff about procedures with links to pre-recorded screen sessions if they ask about them in a slack channel:

Documentation is time consuming, has a short shelf-life, and has a dubious return on investment. To make the investment time shorter, record your screen instead. There are built-in solutions for modern operating systems (including iOS, MacOS, etc) and there are commercial products that do even more, for whatever platform you need to capture.


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