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Don't just say "help me"

IT support requests come in all forms. Often, they describe the need for help, but too often they miss critical information that will speed a support person's response.

Instead of "I could use some help, can someone please call me?"

Include the following information:

  • your phone number

  • your area code

  • your availability (time of day, day of week, give some options)

  • whether you're on a Mac, PC, tablet, laptop, etc.

  • whether you have remote access enabled (if your service provider uses Teamviewer or another screen-sharing tool, provide the access code so they can connect when ready)

  • explain the last time things were working well, or if this issue has always been present

  • explain the last thing you did prior to things not working properly, if you know

  • if the issue is related to network speed, share if you know (for certain) if others are similarly impacted, or just you

  • say where you are - a home office issue can be much different than an office network connection

Yes, this is a lot of information to provide, but your IT provider will need this regardless, and if the information you provide up front enables them to check a few things before contacting you, it may dramatically speed your resolution time.

Share more than just "please help me". It will end up helping you more.


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