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Afraid to send out that invoice?

An open white envelope containing a yellow frowning emoji

Ever had a waiter or restaurant manager tell you that they took something off the bill without you having to ask them to do so? Remember how that made you feel?

You’re about to send out your invoice to a customer. Do you dread their reaction? Are you excited for them to get the invoice?

One way to measure how you’re doing as a service professional is to measure how YOU feel about sending your customer a bill. Of course, most people don’t like receiving a bill in the mail. But if they know that they just got a:

– great deal – discount to resolve a satisfaction issue (without asking for one) – offer for future discount – thorough explanation of services rendered – prompt, predictable and punctual delivery – flexible payment method

all in one bill, then they might feel just fine about it.

The great thing about sending an invoice to a customer is that you have a chance to do something BEFORE you send the bill. Maybe add a credit. Or explain a charge so they don’t have to go through the discomfort (and hassle) of having to ask you. Be proactive.

But if you dread or have to hesitate on sending it, look in the mirror and ask how you got to that point. I love having clients tell me “I really appreciate how much you just helped me, I look forward to your next visit!” and I get to respond “I look forward to sending you my invoice!” knowing that they feel great about the value they received.

Your invoice is a part of your service, and shouldn’t be an after-thought.

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