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A Google Sheet feature that simplifies collaboration

You probably already know Google Sheets as a convenient way for Google subscribers to build and share spreadsheets. Once you have a number of sheets in use, it can get tricky to manage them, especially if you're working with other people.

Instead of saying "Bob, would you please check out cell C9 in the inventory sheet?" you can give someone a specific link to exactly the cell you are wanting to discuss.

To use this feature, navigate to the cell you want to mention, and right-click (or control-click) to reveal a "view more cell actions" menu, and then choose "get link to this cell" - this will provide a specific link to exactly that cell which you can share with someone else.

This is an easier way to get someone right to the proper cell rather than make them scroll and find the proper row and column.

Google Sheets gets better and better over time - if this tip helped you, let us know at and we'll provide more suggestions on how your team can improve its online collaboration.


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