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Mann provides two valuable solutions for your device management investment:  inexpensive Jamf licenses and monthly workflow subscriptions.  

Our service stack fully manages your devices whether you have full-time IT or not, so your team can focus on strategic projects.

Our Jamf packages include no long-term commitments, invoiced monthly, and you only pay for the licenses you actually use.

Choose your licenses

Use your own licenses, or get them through Mann at likely a lower cost than you're currently paying. Bundles and volume discounts are also available.

Choose your workflows

For a single monthly subscription, Mann Jamf Workflows automate the process of patching applications, upgrading operating systems, and provide critical reports showing the application and OS status of each of your Macs. This is an essential ingredient in ensuring compliancy, certifications, and best practices for security.

Get a quote or demo

Got questions about licensing? Want to see the workflows in action? Feel free to request a quote or schedule a demo with one of our Jamf experts. 


Best in class device management for Macs in business. The most powerful MDM tool on the market, with the most robust control available for IT pros.


Integrate your computer into your SSO allowing users to login to computers using their SSO Credentials.  Supports Okta, Google, OneLogin and more.

jamf protect.png

Endpoint Protection designed for macOS.  Block Malicious applications, monitor threats, and report on the CIS benchmark status of your organization.

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