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In an increasingly mobile workforce, with employees working from different locations on different devices, organizations need to be able to manage and secure those devices and their company information without the challenges of binding to on-premises Active Directory.


With Jamf Connect, a user can unbox their Mac, power it on and access all of their corporate applications after signing on with a single set of cloud-identity credentials.

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Return on investment (ROI)

  • Account Provisioning

Whether it’s during setup or in day-to-day use, Jamf Connect ensures a single identity is being used to access a user’s device and applications – without the need to bind to Active Directory.

  • Identity Management

Keeping accounts and resources secure is a big job. Jamf Connect provides IT admins with the ability to keep an eye on all company devices and who is accessing them, when and from what device, providing peace of mind that both the device and corporate information are protected.

  • Password Sync

50% of all IT help desk tickets are password resets. Jamf Connect keeps account credentials in sync between the Mac and cloud-identity provider ensuring employees stay on task instead of making trips to IT.

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