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Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Intune


As most companies adopt hybrid work environments, securing devices in the office and remotely becomes a priority, as well as ensuring employee uninterrupted access to company resources. As a company, you need to protect organization data, manage end user access, and support users from wherever they work. Microsoft’s answer to this new challenge is called Microsoft Endpoint Manager "Intune". Intune provides a streamlined way of managing Windows devices and apps, and access company data.

  • Modernizes Desktop Management - Optimize Windows PCs lifecycle management for a mobile world. A complete, modern management technology simplifies deployment, provides 100% cloud policy management, streamlines app delivery, automates patching and ensures security.

  • Unifies Endpoint Management - Manage the full lifecycle of Windows PCs in a single management console. Support all your mobility use cases: corporate-owned, BYOD, purpose-built or shared devices.

  • Affordability - Intune makes the management of devices affordable, as licenses can be bundled with other Microsoft products, including Office 365 and Windows Defender. It also reduces your IT spend because we do our work from a "mission control" perspective rather than having to connect to each device.

Cloud-based device management


Microsoft Intune provides cloud-based device management, at Mann, we use this tool to manage Windows computers of all brands. Intune controls and manages employee access to the device and company resources as well as simplifies app management, streamlining onboarding and offboarding of employees. Intune also provides compliance and reporting to ensure all devices are protected and secured following a Zero Trust security model.



  • Powers Your Digital Workspace - Endpoint Management technology is an essential element in delivering on the promise of a complete digital workspace that reduces IT costs, bolsters security and proactively improves employees’ digital experience. Intune manages users and devices with Windows Pro or Enterprise editions, including devices owned by your organization and personally owned devices.

  • Automates Processes and Delivers Intelligent Insights - Intune automates policy deployment across all aspects of a computer, including apps, security, device configuration, compliance, conditional access, and more. To receive these policies, the devices only need internet access. This helps leverage powerful insights and rules-based automation to optimize employee digital experience, easing the strain on IT and get to a proactive management and security model. Learn more about our intelligence-driven digital workspace platform.

  • Protects Corporate Apps and Data on Any Network - Intune works with threat defense services like Microsoft Defender and other third party services. Policies are created to respond to threats, perform real-time risk analysis, and automate remediation. Intune provides an intrinsic and comprehensive security approach that encompasses the user, endpoint, app, data and network. Conditional access and granular compliance policies protect company data and ensure hands-free, instant remediation against modern day security threats.

  • Improves Employee Productivity - Deliver frictionless and secure access to all your business apps. Intune simplifies app management, deployment, updates, and removal. It can also be used to create app protection policies, and manage access to apps and their data.

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