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Access to printing resources is critical for its dynamic team of investors and entrepreneurs. Learn how Index Ventures partners with Mann to streamline printer management within their organization. With Jamf Pro's intuitive self-service app giving access to printers, Avron Marcus of Index Ventures will discuss how employees at Index Ventures locate and connect to printers across the firm's network, enhancing productivity and collaboration while minimizing IT support overhead.


By integrating Jamf Pro's printer management solution into their operations, Index Ventures has not only simplified printing processes but has also demonstrated its commitment to providing a modern and efficient workplace environment. With self-service access to printers, employees can focus more on driving innovation and less on logistical hurdles, further solidifying Index Ventures' reputation as a forward-thinking venture firm.


Join Jamf's Patrick Watkins and Mann's Isaac Ordonez for an information-packed discussion with ample room for Q&A. 


Join all three webinars to increase your chances for some great prizes, too!

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to enter our raffle giveaway for the following prizes:

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Note: Starbucks is not affiliated with Jamf. Starbucks and Apple are not sponsoring giveaway items.

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