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Discover smarter device management.

Join Jamf and Mann for a series of three webinars on managing and securing Apple devices across industries. By automating workflows, you and your team will be able to focus on projects instead of patching. Hear firsthand from industry leading companies such as Index Ventures, Vanna Health, Farmers Business Network and more who face the same device management challenges you do. Learn how to boost your IT efficiency, enhance security, and reach GDPR and HIPAA standards.

Even if compliance isn't your focus, you'll gain insights into patch management and best practices to streamline your digital operations and safeguard your organization. Each webinar will be a "fireside chat" format, packed with relevant content and ample room for Q&A.

This webinar is for not only IT admins but operations roles as well as finance managers. The goal? Maximizing your MDM investment.

Click on each webinar for more details.

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to enter our raffle giveaway for the following prizes:

Giveaway prizes.png

Note: Starbucks is not affiliated with Jamf. Starbucks and Apple are not sponsoring giveaway items.

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