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Office leases. New equipment. Internet access. Adequate WiFi access. Growing your business is hard enough: the IT portion should be completely delegated to professionals so you can focus on your people. 

Mann provides you tools for streamlining onboarding and offboarding of all your hires. Creating all your new accounts need not be a laborious process. Instead, we'll help you automate repetitive steps by using provisioning tools, shortening the time it takes to add a new employee.

New office boxes

We get the network and phones up and running while the rest of your office move looks like this.

If you're trying to manage your growth, it's probably for many of the reasons below. If you're growing, you're probably outgrowing your older technology investment.

We help you scale your business by setting up additional offices, enabling complete and secure work-from-home infrastructure, setting up your "all-hands" meetings so you can easily convene as a team without spending 20 minutes doing audio-video adjustments before each meeting. 

Bring us your pain points. With thirty years of small business experience, we've likely not only seen the issue, but we know the best practice to make it simple. 


IT investment.png


Source: Spiceworks 2019 Technology Survey

As you grow, your solution "stack" will increase. Your rate of hiring will accelerate as well, with new people being onboard weekly. This kind of growth requires a simpler way to get new accounts provisioned, an increased need for single-sign on (SSO) onto your main applications, and easy deactivation of accounts when you let people go.

Your team "huddles" will start to become scheduled "all-hands meetings" bringing in multiple people from multiple locations. We set up Zoom solutions including Zoom rooms, room reservation systems, and the audio/video applications to enable everyone can easily get added onto an all-hands meeting every week. If you want recordings for people who can't make it, we make them easily accessed by your teammates after each get together. 

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