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Mann meets your compliance needs across a variety of industry standards.


CIS Benchmarks (from the Center for Internet Security) are consensus-developed secure configuration guidelines for hardening operating systems, servers, cloud environments, and more. The CIS Benchmarks are recognized as secure configuration best practices that can help organizations meet compliance for PCI DSS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and others.

Unlike other security recommendations, the CIS Benchmarks are not derived from a single vendor or security manufacturer’s perspective. They’re created through a unique consensus-development process.

Subject matter experts, security professionals, and technologists from around the world contribute to the development of a single CIS Benchmark.

Mann provides you a turnkey solution to audit and remediate CIS Controls in your Jamf Pro Server. After you choose the CIS controls you wish to remediate from a list we will upload them to your Jamf Pro Server.  These workflows will automatically report computer status and perform necessary automated remediations steps on computers that fail.

  • Remediation of all CIS Controls for macOS.

  • Pick and choose the controls you wish to remediate.

  • Customizable workflows that allow for granular configuration for controls that require organizational decisions.

  • Planning call with a consultant before implementation to discuss impact on your employees for all the controls you’ve selected to implement.

  • Quarterly report of Pass/Fail status for all computers.

  • Workflows updated as necessary, if Apple releases minor updates or new hardware that impact existing workflows.

  • Exportable Advanced Searches available for controls that only require auditing.

  • Configuration profiles used where possible to enforce configurations.

  • Go beyond just CIS remediations with additional security controls and reports created by Mann..

  • Exempt computers or groups from individual controls.

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No guessing as to which computers pass or fail, and remediation happens automatically.

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