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Virtual Private Network connections aren't easy.


They require a secure "tunnel" connecting two separate networks.

There are many reasons even a properly configured connection may fail.


Here are some of them:


  • Your network may be blocking the connection. Home routers sometimes limit this, so do internet cafes and some hotels.

  • Your office connection may be dropping it.

  • The "credentials" on your computer may be incorrect.

  • Your local network may be on the same "addressing" as the destination network.


In some cases, these issues can't be addressed. Other times it just requires an adjustment either on your end, or on the other end where you're trying to connect.

VPN connections are secure, but ultimately if your data lives in the cloud, the imperative for VPN connections continues to diminish for business computing. 

If VPN doesn't work, consider other tools that provide you access, such as Teamviewer, GoToMyPC or other screen sharing tools. 


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