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Why you're getting so many update messages:


If you're getting an increasing number of alerts to "immediately update" your computer, you're not alone. They're annoying, intrusive, scary, and seemingly more common than ever. 

There are a few important reasons:

First, there's WAY more software on your phone, tablet and laptop computer than ever before. More apps, more services, more functionality, more cloud connections, and more of your personal information being captured and recorded than ever before. 

Monitoring Room

Many applications use what are called "core libraries" for much of their functionality. There's no need for a developer to re-write certain features if someone has already made it available elsewhere. As a result, many apps use similar code bases for commonly used features. These libraries aren't always kept updated, however. Many libraries remain unpatched for long periods of time.

More devices = more targets

Your stored information is more accessible than before. Dozens of services have your personal info. Because your systems are constantly connected and online, if a hacker gets access through any of your systems, they can often get access to ALL your systems. If your security camera has a vulnerability, someone may be able to get to every device on your home network. If your office network is breached, every computer on the network is only a few hops away. 

What you can (and should) do

1) Read more about the topic (see article to the right) . Security isn't going away. The bad guys will always be trying to outsmart the good guys.

2) Do NOT assume a security update is legitimate without checking with your IT pro first. Falling for a fake security update is one of the easiest ways to compromise your own safety. 

3) Run legitimate updates IMMEDIATELY when you learn of them. Updates known as  "zero day" are serious: they indicate that the software publisher has had zero days to fix the exploit, much like a virus out in the wild without a vaccine. And we all know how those turn out. 

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