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A professional, compassionate separation is the hallmark of a good company. If you're handling an off-boarding there are many critical steps to ensure your data is protected and that you successfully ensure that information continues to flow to the right people after someone has left your team. Here are some considerations when offboarding a person on your team.

Decide on the date, time, and time zone

Some separations are known by both the employer and employee, others require a bit more delicate scheduling to ensure you cut off access at a specific time and date. Remember: people are working in all sorts of different time zones in a post-pandemic world, so be sure you schedule based on the proper time zone.

Have boxes, address and labels ready to go

If you're going to be receiving equipment from a departing person, plan ahead: get padded boxes for shipping ready to go, and be prepared to send an empty box including a prepaid label for return. For the most timely and simple returns of your equipment, make sure you make as little work as necessary for the employee. 

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