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The right fit is everything

Job Description 

Job Type: Full-time, salaried

Our talent coordinator role has THREE areas of responsibilty:


1. retain the best possible people at our company

2. find and hire the most talented people to join our team

3. manage our social media presence and branding


Join us and help design the best talent acquisition process. Our talent coordinator is responsible for attracting candidates, evaluating resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews and managing the hiring workflow.


As a talent coordinator, you’ll have (or develop) thorough knowledge of best practices around recruiting and retention and bring your own innovative ideas to continually refine and improve how we meet and ultimately hire people.



* Design and implement overall recruiting strategy

* Consult with managers to determine specific job requirements

* Write and post job descriptions on relevant web sites (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc) and through social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

* Source passive candidates 

* Evaluate and screen resumes and cover letters

* Use recruiting tools like tests and assignments to assess candidates’ skills

* Conduct phone, Skype and/or in-person interviews

* Provide a shortlist of qualified candidates to hiring managers

* Help the hiring team with recruiting methods and interview questions

* Contact new employees and prepare onboarding sessions

* Prepare new hire paperwork ensuring HR law compliance

* Maintain a complete record of interviews and new hires

• Manage our social media presence, post articles, tweets, job fair publicity

• Coordinator logistics on all recruiting events including speaking engagements, job fairs, career panels

* Stay up-to-date with current recruiting methods

* Attend job fairs and careers events



* Proven work experience as a talent coordinator or recruiter

* Excellent communication skills

* Ability to prioritize and complete projects within deadline

* Solid knowledge of HR policies and best practices

* Hands on experience with various selection processes like phone interviews and reference checks

* Ability to conduct different types of interviews (e.g. structured, competency based and behavioral)

* Familiarity with HR databases, applicant tracking systems and candidate management systems

* Familiarity with social media, especially LinkedIn

* Degree in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology or relevant field has more info about working at our firm.


Want to apply? Here are 3 short questions we want you to answer:

1) we're a small company in a very crowded technical market, competing with the very top names who lavish meals, massages, laundry, commuter busses and other gifts for their talent. How would you help us compete for the very best people without that kind of budget?

2) Are there any errors you've found on this job description that you would change?

3) Will you also please paste a text version of your resume instead of including a file attachment?


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