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Here are frequently asked questions about our internships:

Q: How many interns do you take?

A: usually 2 or 3 each summer.


Q: What majors or degrees are eligible for internships?

A: Any majors/degrees are eligible.


Q: Do you accept international students?

A: We do, but we can't ensure sponsorship if the opportunity becomes a full-time one, this is handled on a case by case basis.


Q: Where is the office for the internship?

A: Our office is in downtown San Francisco.

Q: Are interns paid?

A: Yes but the main reason you should do the internship is for experience. Internships at bigger companies often pay more.  


Q: I have a trip planned with my family, will that impact my ability to be in the program?

A: No, we want you to have a life, too! We will adjust around our interns' availability. 


Q: Do you take any interns in the fall?

A: rarely, but it does happen from time to time.


Q: By what date do I need to apply?

A: For summer, please apply before the end of the previous year (i.e. December of this year for next summer)


Q: Do you accept freshmen?

A: YES. Why doesn't everyone?

Q: What can I do to prepare for a possible internship?

A: it depends on the specific one but the best thing is to focus on your classes and reading up on our industry and specific business category. For developer positions, learning API's and how to do basic coding is required. For associate consultant, fluency in computer networking and advanced troubleshooting is helpful. 


Q: How do I learn of the status of my internship application?

A: just email us: 

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