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A heartrate monitor

Mann utilizes a small health monitoring agent on most of our clients’ computers. This helps alert us to potentially major issues on your computer, and provide a critical window of opportunity to potentially avoid data loss.  


Every hour the application will automatically and securely report and upload error messages for review. These don’t include anything confidential or document-related, just vital signs for your system.


If we see alerts that require immediate attention, we’ll let you know

What it reports on

  • Hardware errors and health

  • Disk failures (both minor and major)

  • Operating System version

  • Malware presence

  • Backup status

  • Unusual number of system crashes

  • Battery health

  • Disk storage availability

What it doesn’t do

  • Write or modify your computer

  • Allow for remote access

  • Access any of your personal files

  • Run constantly in the background

  • Slow down your computer

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