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We are in a technical field, but that doesn't mean you should require a translator to understand what we are doing for you.


If you are seeing any jargon or acronyms that you're unsure of, this glossary might help. If the term is not on the list, just email us and we'll be happy to clarify it for you. 

1PW    1Password

ABM   Apple Business Manager

AD      Active Directory

AWS   Amazon Web Services

BDR    Backup & Disaster Recovery

CP       Crashplan

CRM   Customer Relationship Manager

ISP      Internet Service Provider

KT       Knowledge Transfer / Documentation

LAN    Local Area Network

MDM  Mobile Device Manager

PBX    Phone System

QBR    Quarterly Business Review

RMA    Return Merchandise Authorization

SLA     Service Level Agreement

WAN  Wide Area Network

WS1   Workspace One (from VMWare)

ZD       Zendesk

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