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Having the tools is not enough. Companies need their meetings started easily and on-time. Enabling your clients to join conference calls without hassle. Empowering your sales people to dial from within your CRM system with a single click.

Your people are geographically distributed, your team's availability should be, too. Using a modern VOIP system, your support call queues need to route to the person in the best time zone.  


Mann consultants aren't just familiar with Zoom, they're certified for Zoom setup and installations. From configuring the right audio, video and software solutions, to setting up tablets in your conference rooms for instant meetings and easy guest


Zoom Rooms make it effortless to start meetings

access to your gear, Mann makes your Zoom meetings professional, whether your attendees are in the office or connecting from all over the globe.

Fewer on-site sales demos? We can set up your green screens and help make presentation of your charts smooth and well-produced instead of apologetic "just a sec while I find the right window" moments. Multiple speakers, videos that play crisp and with professional titling and transitions for a crisp, polished result.


Many businesses say "we just use our cell phones." This might seem simple enough, but it's awkward for your customers and prospects:

  • Support customers can't press zero to reach an operator

  • You can't transfer a caller to another employee for a smooth support hand-off

  • Callers can't navigate a menu to find the right person or department.

  • You can't see any metrics on call activity when determining job performance

  • You can't integrate call activity into Salesforce or other CRM solutions 

  • You can't route calls automatically to the most available employee based on time zone, language, and workload.

VOIP (voice over IP) solutions solve this. Your prospect shouldn't get your salesperson's personal voicemail, they should have the option to press 0 and reach another, available member of your team. Only a modern and well-implemented solution can do this, preserving sales and load balancing inbound calls equitably across your team, even if they are working from home.


Credit: Grant Reinero

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Soft phones enable your team to keep their headphones on, move their laptop into another room, or cafe, and still make and receive calls. They can transfer calls without having to pull out their mobile devices or hide their personal number, and the callers see your company's phone number, increasing your professionalism and consistent brand experience. 

Mann has implemented cloud-based and premise-based solutions for thousands of phones. The solutions usually pay for themselves within months. Ask us how your phone solution might be improved. If it's already working well, ask if there's a way to simply lower the cost.



Creative applications require high performance systems and sturdy and scalable solutions for storing your data. From storage area networks (SAN) to high speed backup and managing licenses for your Creative Cloud applications, Mann supports creative professionals in advertising, film & TV production, post-production, marketing, media and interactive video industries. 

We ensure your workstations are optimally configured for speed and performance while also maintaining malware protection, backup and fast network throughput. 

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