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"Our files are in the cloud" is not a backup strategy. If your device is lost, stolen, broken, or if you delete critical data, you'll need fast and reliable access to previous snapshots of your files. Downtime for you or your employees has a real cost. The best practice? While you're getting your new computer, we're doing a high-speed restore of your data onto our tech bench so when your new computer arrives, we get it loaded onto the system and messengered to your office. 

Prefer to restore your data from your current location? You can do it from any location using these cloud-based solutions.


Do you have compliance or regulatory requirements for your data? For the latest in next-generation data loss protection, check out the DLP solution, powered by Code42


Choose the best backup solution for your team:

Mann's private cloud backup is designed for exec laptops & file servers.


Learn more about Code42 DLP technology

Start backing up your devices now:


DLP Backup

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