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Includes JAMF PRO Server build out plus ONE YEAR of JAMF PRO Maintenance with Deployment and Configurations   



  • Enrollment Campaign (PreStage and Email)

  • SAML provider configuration

  • Configure Apple Push Notifications

  • Configure Apple Volume Purchase Program 

  • Configure Apple Device Enrollment Program

  • FileVault 2 enforcement

  • FileVault 2 key escrow

  • Deployment Workflow for Applications (up to 10)

  • WiFi Profile to devices

  • Password policy

  • Sophos deployment (if applicable)

  • Automatically install & update Google Chrome

  • Automatically install Microsoft Office (if applicable)

  • Base security policy

  • Automatically enforce software updates

  • Setup patch reporting

  • Base Smart Group creation

  • Fix Me button in Self Service

  • Custom Branding Self Service



Jamf Pro maintenance with client security  

Includes: Up to 500 devices per company

Up to 6 hours setup time

Building, testing & updating of scripts & reports (listed below)
Monthly maintenance

Emailed reports each month on security and compliance

Requires active JAMF licenses (not included)



  • Automatically encrypt computers

  • FileVault 2 Encryption Key Escrow

  • Monitor APNs certificate expiration + Update

  • Monitor token VPP expiration + Update

  • Monitor token DEP expiration + Update

  • Monitor VPP license counts

  • macOS major release upgrade path (i.e. 10.14, 10.15, etc.) 

  • Graphical new machine deployment workflow

  • Automated Mac age calculation 

  • Annual reporting computer ages

  • Report systems/devices that haven’t checked in in 30 days.

  • Automatically patch macOS

  • Automatically patch Chrome

  • Expedited reporting for 0 Day vulnerabilities 

  • Notification of new Jamf Pro features and implications

  • New features implemented as necessary

  • Optional - Automatic installation and hardware monitoring with Watchman

  • Optional - Push iOS updates



  • Application licensing and version checks

  • Specialty script building

  • Packaging applications or content not explicitly listed

  • Custom Profiles

  • Custom Policies

  • Custom Extension Attributes

  • 3rd party patch reporting / mgmt not listed

  • Custom workflows for 0 day security remediation

  • Jamf Pro Server upgrades for On Prem installations

  • Remediation of any out-of-compliance items


    • Maintenance renews automatically every year. Cancelable with 30 days written notice. No refunds or prorating of fees.

    • No charge for travel time or tolls for customer locations within San Francisco (otherwise, Mann travel rate $75 per hour).

    • Mann reserves the right to adjust our rates effective upon the renewal date.  

    • Customer must provide thirty (30) days notice in writing to terminate this agreement.

    • Support rate is protected for the term listed above. Changes to or cancellation of this agreement will forfeit discounted rate. 

    • Termination by Customer in the first 30 days of the agreement will be retroactively invoiced for the non-discounted rates for work completed. Termination after the first 30 days but prior to the end of the agreement term will incur a 50% cancellation fee for the remaining agreement amount. Fee is determined as the higher of the following: monthly amount, actual consulting fees.

    • If you decide to employ any person(s) you meet from Mann through this agreement, you agree to pay a conversion fee. The conversion fee is payable if you hire our professional assigned to you, regardless of the employment classification, on either a full-time, temporary (including temporary assignments through another agency) or consulting basis within twelve months after the last day of the assignment. You also agree to pay a conversion fee if our professional assigned to you is hired by (i) a subsidiary or other related company or business as a result of your referral of our professional to that company or (ii) one of your customers as a result of our professional providing services to that customer. The conversion fee will equal 50% of the professional's aggregate annual compensation, including bonuses. The conversion fee will be owed and invoiced upon your hiring of our professional, and payment is due upon receipt of this invoice The same calculation will be used if you convert our professional on a part-time basis using the full-time equivalent salary.

    • By signing this agreement, you agree not to hire, or refer to another company for hire, any Mann employee without paying the appropriate fee as described above, regardless of the function that the individual will perform.

    • Prices and terms quoted here are guaranteed for 5 days from the date this document is transmitted to you.

    • Signature below indicates approval of additional terms & conditions.Payment terms are Net 30 days. If you fail to make your full payment within thirty (30) days of the invoice due date, Mann may charge a late fee of 1% on the outstanding balance per month

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