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Really Fast Documentation

Do you spend long periods of time writing up beautiful documentation with screenshots and captions?

How long is the "shelf-life" of the information you're documenting?

Consider a screen recording instead. To document a 6 minute procedure could take dozens of screenshots and written explanations. To produce a 6-minute procedure using captured video requires just six minutes. The time savings is tremendous. Sure, you might slip up your verbal explanation as you go, but it's hard to argue with such a fast production option. The next time the procedure needs updating you can just re-record it.

Apple even includes this functionality now, previously requiring 3rd-party commercial software to accomplish the same thing. More robust products like Camtasia for Mac and PC enable significantly more functionality.

Next time you're inclined to do a written documentation, try a screen recording instead. Drop it into a shared folder on the cloud and then give people links to it for reference.


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