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Here are three ingredients we've found to be the best determinant of success at Mann:


People just aren’t as fast and consistent as computers. This can really frustrate someone who is logical, or smart or impatient.

We look for kindness ahead of technical brilliance. Patience is more strategically important in our line of work than scripting skills. 

Technical skills

Companies with no IT people hire us to help. So do businesses who already have in-house IT staff who need escalated help.

Our professional staff needs to be highly versatile and adept with a variety of modern technologies.  While technical chops are an essential foundation, having a “star” player in our locker room that doesn’t play well with their rest of her teammates won’t make for a cohesive group. So we have to balance the technical ability with a true desire to help people (both colleagues as well as customers.)

Growth & Timing

There’s what you can do, what you’re wanting to do, what you’re trained for, what customers are needing, and what you’re tired of doing. We want newly hired employees to be challenged and have ample room to grow while also being able to start contributing out of the gate.


We may really like you. But if the needs of our customers don’t match your current skill set, we’d be putting you in harm’s way by asking you to help customers prematurely. Part of our evaluation process includes determining if your current skill level will satisfy a percentage of our client needs while giving you room for professional development. 

If you have any questions about the process, just call us at (415) 546-MANN.

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