Make IT happen at Mann

How high do you want to go? You're more in the driver's seat than you may realize. 


There are lowly "tech" people who have to work long hours, have to wear name tags and uniforms, who get treated poorly and with little respect.

And then there are IT pros who maintain a great, rewarding career. Consultants at Mann meet new challenges and strengthen their technical skills on a daily basis. 


Our client roster is so varied that you'll experience the top advertising firms in the country, then help a global brands in manufacturing or pharma, or work with a venture capital shop, or other financial institution. This might happen all in the same week.


Mann also offers competitive pay and benefits. So if you're looking for a place to work with a fantastic team of people, keep scrolling.

Current Openings

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Challenge = Reward

Our jobs are challenging. We're telling you this up front. This isn't a "sit back in the cubicle and chill while waiting for the occasional ticket" IT job. 

This is hands-on, very busy - high volume.


We help IT people who are stuck and need help.

We help companies that have to terminate employees in sensitive situations.

We support networks that are growing faster than they can keep up.

We help people who experience identity theft, burglary, and more. Forensic computing. 

We're constantly balancing the right financial decisions along with the right technical ones.

We're dealing with ISP outages, VPN and AWS challenges, encryption and security.

We're monitoring and proactively resolving virus, storage, memory and other performance items.


Life at Mann

At Mann we want you to thrive. We are committed to your growth and long term success, as well as your day to day happiness.


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Work/life Balance

Work/Life balance. You're out of the office at the end of the day- no staying late.

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Feel like working from home?

Work remote. A coffee shop? 

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Bring your pet to work!

Pet friendly office. Bring your dog, cat or even your bird.

Sound good? Envision yourself in one of our various roles.

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What we believe in

We put our people before our customers. Our jobs are uniquely positioned to provide challenges that help you grow professionally and stay up to date with a competitive skillset. We've found that all four of these items need to be present for long-term job satisfaction.

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Having Fun

We have a blast on Slack during the day - we also enjoy frequent teambuilding events!

Constant Learning

As technology evolves, we value constant learning and adoption of new technologies in order to make sure our clients are up to date.

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Recognizing and rewarding results

Our team is excellent, and we like to let them know it. Prepare to embark on a path of advancement.

Helping our customers

Our clients enable us to do what we love: Doing GREAT work. We take pride in providing them with excellent service and helping them win.

Benefits and Perks

We are committed to our team's health and happiness.

{Team Photo}

{Team Photo}

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Offsite Events

Team building is something we take seriously. Join our Fun Committee and let the games begin!

Offsite Events

Team building is something we take seriously. Join our Fun Committee and let the games begin!

Snacks and Drinks

We don't know about you, but we like to snack while we work. Enjoy our rotating snack selection.

Wellness Package

We provide a monthly stipend which you can spend on anything wellness related.

Learning & Development Stipend

Constant learning is a key element of your career development, and we like to help you out with that.

Intern at Mann

Are you looking to take your professional development to the next level? Are you ready to gain hands on, real-world experience in a dynamic, fast paced environment? Mann provides internship opportunities in several key facets of our business. Our interns gain a competitive skillset and are treated with dignity- No grabbing coffee here.

Internship Opportunities

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Wi-Fi at a café is a great way to work

Our office

Our office

Work at our office. Red Vines or Twizzlers. #choices

Work from home

Work from home

You wish your bedroom looked as nice as this stock art.

Work outside

Work outside

If you're connected, do your work wherever you're comfortable.


Current Openings

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Don't see what you're looking for? Follow these steps:

  • Let us know what type of position interests you, and why.

  • Email a text version of your résumé (no file attachments please)

  • Share an example of an exceptional situation you encountered, and how you solved it.

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